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Make An Intelligent Decision When Buying Victorian Rural Real Estate With Our Accurate Property Details And Detailed Values Database

How can you trust information provided by a source with a vested interest?
You must know the latest prices of properties and the characteristics of an area before you buy!

You must have a clear picture of Rural Property prices in an area to negotiate a better deal and avoid wasting time, money and 1000s of kilometres searching for your dream property. A report of Auction prices coupled with detailed property and area descriptions is something real estate agents would not expect you to be armed with. Knowledge gives you the upper hand!

Call now for your customised Victorian rural real estate report with auction results detailed since 2000

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Victorian rural sales database

I have used for many years to mainly corroborate other sales databases, but also to supply additional anecdotal information regarding property. Unfortunately in the agricultural sector the recording of property sales by both government and private sector databases is unreliable due to a wide range of reasons and can be particularly difficult to get a clear picture of how the sale transpired. Often a sale transaction can include many moving parts selling either as a going concern, walk in walk out basis or with vacant possession. Where has a sale recorded it can often piece together parts of the puzzle providing some valuable additional information.

Andrew Bray
Director Specialised and Advisory
AAPI CPV MRICS Opteon. Level 1, 921 Sturt Street, Ballarat, VIC. 3350

“Hay property Group have been using the database since its inception. We have found the extra mile that Simon goes to in ascertaining details about rural property sales to be invaluable to our business. His notes about where to find a property on the ground make our life easier in the field when trying to find a sale. Simon is always approachable if we have an unusual query or question about a property sale or if there are no sales he always tries to assist in finding more information or to ring his contacts to assist. I would highly recommend his services and we will be continuing to use his database as it is a valuable resource for our business.”

Peter Hay
Managing Director
Director Hay Property Group Reserve Road Cheltenham Victoria
Founder and managing director of Hay Property Group Peter Hay has passed away. His patronage, mentoring and encouragement will be greatly missed.

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