Selling farms in Victoria since 1952 Stawell rural agent Jim Barham doesn't want to stop yet.

Rural agents who make Victorian farm sales tick over

Farm Real Estate has analysed Victorian rural property sales and discussed issues with rural agents since 2000 and knows what makes the industry tick. 

We have got to know the credible agents who are the best equipped to help farmers and rural property buyers locate or sell suitable rural properties.

Reading about their experiences in and their observations of the Victorian farm real estate industry is an education money can’t buy.

So now farmrealestate will post stories of credible rural agents so you can use their valuable insights to help you buy or sell rural or farm land in Victoria’s country property market.

Following is the first example of an experienced and credible Victorian farm real estate agent that can vouch for as they serve their community with dedication.

Stawell real estate agent, Jim Barham, 92, has sold farm land and worked in the Wimmera grain growing area in north west Victoria since 1952.

And today Jim is still selling farm and agricultural land because he thinks retirement will be not half as good as selling farms.

People buying and selling farm land in the Wimmera towns of Marnoo, Murtoa, Wallaloo, Callawadda, Rupanyup, St Arnaud, Stawell, Donald, Minyip and Dadswell Bridge are likely to have had contact with Jim.

Jim began as a rural estate agent in 1952 when he worked as a sub agent for his father, Thomas Powell Barham, in the family’s Marnoo general store that also offered insurance and stock agent services.

His father died in 1958 so Jim got his full real estate agent’s licence and continued to sell farms in his own dedicated way. By 1987 he established a credible real estate agency in Stawell.

Jim knows that cropping land within the higher annual average rainfall figures attracts the best per acre prices.

The higher annual average rainfall figures in Jim’s patch are between 483-508mm (19 – 20 inches) around Stawell, 406-457mm (16-18 inches) in the Marnoo, district and 355-381mm (14-15 inches) around Donald.

“Rainfall comes first now (with buyers when looking for property to crop),” Jim said.

“Soil types used to matter, but now you can use buckshot soil to grow some crops because of the fertilisers available.

“They don’t go for black soils as much now, they go more for different balanced soil types, more grey and red loams.” 

Retirement for Jim has been put on hold.

Now he works with Elders Real Estate in Stawell who have given him the assurance he can stay on the job as long as he chooses. 

He had planned to retire in March 2022 but still hasn’t yet reconciled himself to the idea and it is now looking like March 2023!

Selling farms in Victoria since 1952 Stawell rural agent Jim Barham is still going.
Selling farms in Victoria since 1952 Stawell rural agent Jim Barham is still going. He has deferred retirement once.
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