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Reliable Reg knows what makes NE Victoria farm sales tick over

Farm Real Estate has collected Victorian farm sales results and discussed issues with a number of rural real estate agents since 2000 who know what makes the industry tick. 

We have got to know the credible agents who are the best equipped to help farmers and rural property buyers locate suitable rural properties.

Reading about their experiences and their observations of the Victorian farm real estate industry is an education money can’t buy. 

So now farmrealestate will post stories of credible rural agents because you can use their valuable insights to help you buy or sell rural or farm land in Victoria’s country property market.

Following is the second example of an experienced and credible Victorian farm real estate agent that can vouch for because they serve their community with dedication.

Albury Wodonga Elders agent, Reg Coulston, has sold farm real estate in the reliable rainfall country on both sides of the Victorian and NSW border for over 30 years.

On the Victorian side Reg’s farm sales have come from an area in the north eastern part of the state.

Reg’s farm sales area includes the Upper Murray district, Tallangatta valley to the south east, Corryong to the east, west to Yarrawonga and south west to Myrtleford and Wangaratta.

His agency sells between 20-30 large farms in the Elders real estate 12-month accounts period from September to September.

The most recent farm real estate accounts period from 2021 into early 2022 was remarkable because the agency had already made its projected sales budget by May. 

“We are getting a lot of (enquiries from) superannuation money, we are getting people from Gippsland and a lot of western Riverina property owners,” Reg said.

Many farm buyers come to the area because they are chasing its reliable rainfall and consistent seasonal conditions.

One big advantage Reg’s sales area has is many local farming districts have no history of droughts or damaging floods. 

The valuable farming country tends to be the higher rainfall land 

Annual average totals varying across Reg’s sales area between 508mm to 1016mm (20-40 inches).

The valuable farming country tends to be the higher rainfall land.

This fact is reflected in the property sales records from Victoria’s north east municipalities that has collected since 2000.

East of the Hume Highway beef grazing land prices in the higher rainfall zones currently vary from around $8000 an acre and $20,000 an acre for river frontage country.

Land in lower annual average rainfall totals west of the Hume Freeway used for sheep and cropping combinations varies between $5000 and $8000 an acre.

The most valuable farm land is in the river valleys

Further south into Victoria the most valuable farming land is found within the Kiewa, Mitta and Ovens river valleys because of alluvial soils, river frontage and high rainfall.

Farms in these valleys tend to be in 762mm (about 30 inch) annual average rainfall zone with fertile soil suitable for numerous farm practices. 

These advantages plus the access to nearby large regional service centres has meant recently land values have been around $15,000 per acre.

Reg Coulston farm real estate sales agent Albury Wodonga
Reg Coulston has sold farm real estate in NE Victorian for over 30 years.
Reg Coulston Elders Albury Wodonga farm real estate sales agent
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