Rural Real Estate Australia

Farm Real Estate Australia was formed so people with an interest in the Victorian rural real estate industry can get more accurate information about it.

The farmrealestate.com.au database has thousands of records that display in a simple format but most importantly one that includes detailed addresses, contextual district descriptions and listing agent after sales comments. The records in the farmrealestate.com.au database use appropriate agricultural descriptions to describe a property sale, unlike many city based property sales databases that are not familiar with Victorian agricultural terminology or valuable characteristics such as high reliability water rights. The database also has a comprehensive list of small town and district property sales from across Victoria that you will not find on many of the large city based property sales databases. The farmrealestate.com.au property records have been compiled mainly from public auction results so as not to infringe privacy laws. The majority of the farmrealestate.com.au Victorian rural property sales records have been compiled after speaking with a sales agent that knows what is going on in their patch.

Simon Pinder the founder of Farm Real Estate Australia has a long background in the Victorian rural and regional newspaper industry and has built a deep connection to the rural Victorian property industry. Prior to founding and managing Farm Real Estate Australia Simon worked for over 20 years as a regional, metropolitan, national and then Victorian rural journalist. His most recent job was working for a number of years as the editor of the property section of one of the state’s biggest rural and regional circulation newspapers. Having owned and also managed small rural properties on behalf of clients Simon is willing to offer advice and information to clients about what to look for when buying a hobby farm or country lifestyle property.

The stories in our News Land page are designed to help and educate people thinking about building a sustainable home in rural Victoria. There are stories about making homes that consist of straw bales, mud, straw panels or simply recycling a perfectly sound old weatherboard and taking it off the power grid. Sustainable building stories will continue to be posted to promote a sustainable lifestyle and hopefully in a small way help ease the burden on our environment.

The News Land page also examines issues relevant to the Victorian rural real estate industry such as how to value a farmland lease or do wind farms affect property values? We are committed to talking regularly with Victoria’s rural real estate agents. We aim to allow the numerous small town and experienced regional rural real estate agents say what is going on in their sales area whether they service clients in the Wimmera black soil cereal country or if they are based in a South Gippsland market gardening district.