Auction Results Data


This 45.3159ha (about 112 acre) property was auctioned on the same day as neighboring 79 Dingee-Settlement Road.


Sales agent says this 48.6ha (120 acre) property is located in the centre of the Macalister irrigation district. Agent says the land consists of very fertile soils. Sales agent says the property was suitable for horticulture.


The sale agent says this 64.7497ha (about 160 acre) property has soil suitable for horticultural applications or cropping lucerne for fodder. The property was marketed for sale called Woods. Sold before $350,000. Auction scheduled Sep 21.


This 255.7613ha (about 632 acre) property has about 246ha arable sale agent estimates. The sale agent says this property is mainly heavy grey clay soil types and while not the best district soil types were still good soils that had been well managed. This property occupied crown allotments 2, 3, 4 and 5 all parish of Bungalally. CA’s 2 and 3 are given as being located along Wards Road. The land is about 19km south west of Horsham. Private sale reported sold Apr 1. Sold $3300 an acre to a local farmer.


This 868.4553ha (2146 acre) property called Woorabinda is about 33km north of Edenhope. Sale agent says the property is in a 500mm annual average rainfall district and in previous growing season had produced good crops of wheat and faba beans. Sale agent says the property has mixed grey, black and red loam soil types highly regarded by locals as desirable for suitable for cereal, canola and legumes. Land also has been grazed by sheep and adopted a clover pasture rotation. This property was passed in at auction on October 31, 2014 for $1000 vendor bid an acre or $2,146,000 and was then listed for sale $1380 per acre or $2,961,480. Sold $2,575,200. Private sale finalised Feb 26.